What Is A Designer Dog?

designer dog breedsThere has been lots of news lately about designer dogs. You may have no idea what they even are! Thankfully we are here to help you.

A designer dog is a pretty simple concept. It is simply a cross between two purebred dogs to create a “hybrid”. Some people consider these mutts while others consider them to be prized possessions and are paying a lot of money for them! You get a purebred dog by having a single breed that is bred over and over again with the same breed to keep it true. Each pup that the mom has will have the same characteristics and temperament that the others do because they are of the same blood line.

The best part about buying a purebred dog is that when you are buying, you know exactly what the breed is capable of. They may be bred specifically for hunting, or search and rescue. There are so many other types such as agility, police work, and herding. Most people I have talked to are just looking to buy a dog to be their friend so this does not necessarily mean you should get a pure bred.

So you decided that maybe you do not want a purebred dog but have heard people call designer dogs mutts. I will say that this is typically not true. A mutt is where someone has no idea of the ancestry of the dog. A designer dog should have a documented ancestry of the parents that were bred together to create this dog.

Designer dogs are not considered any better than purebreds, and can often times be unpredictable. This is because each of the hybrid dogs will have a different gene pool when they are mixed together and you can get different traits showing in each dog. An example of this is the Pomeranian Husky where you get a smaller dog such as the Pomeranian but the dog is SUPER active because of the husky in them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the designer hybrid dogs you will see are not actually bred from two purebreds. They could even crossbreed two mutts together. You can also breed crosses from multi generations. The math gets a bit confusing but if you are looking for a mixed dog breed, just make sure to get the papers on the parents so you know the ancestry.

Are these breeds for you? I really do not know! I have both a hybrid dog as well as a pure bred and I love them both. You just need to know that if you are going to go with a hybrid dog, you will not always know what kind of traits they will have and that is unpredictable. If you are okay with this and see a dog you think will fit well in your household, I say go for it!