Thinking About Traveling With Your Dog?

pet travelIf you are thinking about going traveling across the country or just a few hours away, you may have thought that you should bringy our dog along. The fear of flying with your dog may have also made you think that you should just get a pet sitter to take care of them for you. Perhaps you heard stories from family or friends about the horror of bringing a pet with you on a vacation or trip.

The good news though is that you do not need to worry much. Think about this, there are many breeders that will ship puppies all the time to new owners and this would not happen if flying your dog was not safe. Below is some basic information you will need if you want to travel with your dog.

Checked Baggage?

Depending on how big your pet is and what airline you decide to take, they may allow the dog to either travel inside the belly of the plane or even at the back of the cabin with you. If you own a small dog, they can typically be brought on board and put underneath your seat. However, if you have a large dog, they will typically need to go inside the plane’s belly which is not actually dangerous. People that work for the airline are used to this and will treat them kindly and with respect. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is safe and will arrive healthy and happy!

Requirements For The Crate

There are going to be some requirements for the crate you will use to transport your dog on a plane. They will change depending on if you can have the dog in the cabin with you or underneath the plane. I would suggest that you go to the airlines website (they all have one!) where you can check how big the crate you need is. Make sure to read through this list many times because you want to make sure there are no surprises. It would be a shame to arrive at the airport and then be turned away.

Get A Dog Checkup By A Vet

If you want to fly with your dog, they need to be healthy. Most airlines will require that you get a certificate called a health certificate and it must be recent. Your local vet will be able to do a checkup on your dog and give them all the vaccinations they may need. If you have one of these, just present it to the airline when you are checking all your baggage and you will not have any issues.


Overall, flying with a pet is actually not that bad of an experience. I like to keep my dogs with me wherever I go so I can be the one that takes care of them. This also means less of a burden for you if you have to go out and get a pet sitter. Flying with your dogs is not bad, it is actually a pleasant experience and I urge you to look into it!