Feeding Ice To Your Dog

dog iceIf you have been considering giving your dogs ice cubes, you may be wondering if this is safe to do? Some people say that it is while other say that it is not. The fact of the matter is that ice cubes are really not that bad for dogs but you may want to hold off on giving your pet them.


Humans like to cool off by sometimes chewing on ice, eating cold treats and other things on hot days. These just are not always the best choice for a dog. You may not think twice about giving your dog some ice, but hold of for a second.

Dogs love cold treats on hot summer days, it is true. The reason you may not want to give your dog ice is that sometimes the dog will get so excited about the cold treat that they gobble them down and start to choke. There isn’t really a good way to know if your dog is going to choke, so i would attempt by giving them a single piece of ice and see how they react. If they handle it well and do not seem to do anything out of the ordinary, I would say that it is just fine to do.


Another thing that people do not seem to think about is the dogs teeth. If you give your animal some ice their first instinct is probably going to be to chew it up just like kibble. This can lead to broken teeth and a very expensive vet bill which you probably do not want to handle.

To combat all of these issues, the best thing you can do is avoid the choking concerns all together by feeding your pup crushed ice. This will not only melt faster but your dog can eat more without choking! it is a win win situation.


If you decide to go the route of crushed ice and your dog is really loving it, you may want to think about using a portable ice maker. You can read some portable ice maker reviews here and see if that is something you would like to pursue.


Finally, if your dog seems prone to choking and you have no way to crush up the ice, what I have found to work well is to put the ice cubes in the dog dish where they drink their water. This will give them the cold sensation and they will love it. No choking, super cold water, all of this equals a very happy puppy.


Do not take my word for it, go try out these techniques for yourself and let me know what happens!