Discussion on Wireless Dog Fences

wireless dog fenceI wanted to talk to you all today about getting a wireless dog fence for your dogs. I know some people think that using a wireless pet containment system is not a good thing to do because they think it can hurt the dogs.

Well, I am going to tell you that this simply is not true. I went out and purchased my own unit for about 300 dollars yesterday since I live in the city and I need my dog contained within my own yard.

The way it works it that there is a sensor that attaches to the dogs collar. You then plot out the size of your yard and mark it with sticks, or some units will have a “home base” which you can place in the center of your property and it will radiate outwards how far your dog can go.

Anyways, once I got this, I put it on the collar of my dog and started training him to use it. At first it took a while, but I finally got him trained.

This really is a great solution and is not painful to the dogs. All it does is send a small jolt as a reminder, which is not painful, and certainly not harmful to the animal. Would you rather use a wireless system or have your dog ran over by a car? I thought so!

If you want to read some wireless dog fence reviews you can do so here, which is where I went to get mine.

One of the things I had to decide when i got mine is if I was going to buy a wireless unit or an underground unit. Wireless units are what I was talking about above, where there is a sensor somewhere on your property and nothing else is needed. Underground, you will be planting different sensors on the edge of your property to give your dog a boundary. Both of them work well, but I opted to go for a wireless system instead of underground as I do not have time to dig in my yard currently.

Finally, you will need to think about how much your dog weighs. Certain pet systems are great for small dogs but are hardly effective for bigger animals. This makes it hard to purchase because if you have a small puppy but he is going to grow up to a 100 pound dog in the future, what do you choose? Make sure you read about all the reviews and you will see that you get what you pay for.

If you are really serious about helping your dog from getting hurt in the street and keeping him in the safe environment of your home, I would recommend you take a look at the PetSafe Wireless pet containment system which is what I picked up. A great little unit that I am sure is going to last me ages!